Kigali, Rwanda's Capital

A City Tour of Kigali, Rwanda's vibrant capital, offers a blend of moving history, charming cafes, bustling markets, and stunning hillsides, inviting travelers to experience its resilience and modern development.

Kigali City's Attractions

Kigali, the heart of Rwanda, is a city reborn. Its history is deeply intertwined with the 1994 genocide, a tragic chapter respectfully preserved at the Kigali Genocide Memorial.

This powerful site offers a solemn space for reflection and understanding of Rwanda's journey toward healing. Beyond the memorial, Kigali is a place of resilience, where modern buildings and urban development tell a story of progress and renewal.

The city buzzes with a mix of traditional and contemporary energy. Explore lively markets like Kimironko, where you can barter for vibrant fabrics, handcrafted souvenirs, and fresh produce. Kigali's culinary scene is on the rise – indulge in delicious Rwandan dishes or find international flavors at cafes and restaurants dotting the city's charming streets.

Art and culture thrive in Kigali. The Inema Arts Center showcases the creative spirit of Rwandan and East African artists, while the Niyo Art Gallery displays thought-provoking contemporary works. Museums like the Kandt House Museum offer historical insights into Kigali's past. For a taste of Rwandan music and dance, catch a vibrant performance or plan your visit to coincide with the festive celebrations of the Kigali Up Festival.

Kigali's landscape is as striking as the city itself. Rolling green hills provide scenic backdrops, perfect for hiking or simply enjoying panoramic views. The Kigali City Tour gives a great overview of the city's highlights, and nearby attractions like Mount Kigali offer a chance to immerse yourself in Rwanda's natural beauty. With its mix of history, vibrancy, and natural splendor, Kigali offers a captivating travel experience.

Rwanda Tour Packages via Kigali City

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Accommodation - where to stay

Kigali presents a diverse selection of stays to suit your taste. No matter your preference, booking in advance is essential, especially during peak season. I hope this selection of the best places to stay in Kigali city helps you select a wonderful base for your Rwandan safari experience!