Our Positive Impact

Protecting Wildlife, Uplifting Communities, and Caring for the Planet

As a participant in the safari travel industry, we take pride in embracing a fundamental principle at Mahanda Safaris—' We Preserve.' Embodying this principle in our actions, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients' journeys contribute to the conservation and safeguarding of Africa's wildlife, unspoiled landscapes, and neighboring communities.

We actively engage in initiatives throughout the continent, collaborating with local partners who share our dedication and vision, viewing travel as an avenue for fostering a constructive influence. Our collective goal is to promote a sustainable and thriving future for Africa's natural ecosystems and the individuals whose well-being is intricately tied to them.


Protecting the biodiversity of Africa is impossible without the participation of local communities. These communities have been living alongside wildlife for centuries. They are essential to restoring and preserving Africa's wildlife and wilderness areas. We are committed to various initiatives that support community development projects in Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda.


Preserving Earth's most fragile destinations should be a top priority, and this can be achieved by making significant changes to the impact of travel on nature. Eco-tourism focuses on maintaining the authenticity of a destination while minimizing the damage to the environment. Our efforts are directed towards supporting environmental initiatives that aim to restore the Earth's resources.


Mahanda's safari bookings make a significant contribution to wildlife conservation efforts. When visiting East Africa's national parks, game reserves, and private conservancies, visitors are required to pay a conservation levy for each day spent in these magnificent wildlife areas. This fee is factored into your safari package with us. Our collaboration with leading wildlife conservation organizations enables us to support critical initiatives aimed at protecting endangered African wild dogs and mountain gorillas.

Sustainable Tours

Protecting, Empowering, and Restoring through our Safaris.

We present a selection of safari packages that enable you to truly contribute positively when you journey to Africa.

In all our Impactful Safaris, Mahanda Safaris commits to donating to one or more conservation initiatives and collaborations that we actively endorse throughout the continent.

Certain safaris also provide opportunities for hands-on involvement, allowing you to engage with our wildlife, community, or environmental projects managed by our numerous partners. This could include activities such as assisting in tracking rhinos for essential conservation data, participating in a gorilla family's habituation, or conducting your own teaching session in a rural village.

Reach out to our team of African safari Specialists to craft a personalized safari that leaves a meaningful impact.